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Your followers will know where to find the brands they love at the storefront or delivery service they trust. Add a link to any 3rd party website of your choice. Products with a valid URL will be presented with a "SHOP HERE" button to direct potential buyers to your website!

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That’s right, there are no additional or hidden fees when you link products using weedable store. Our proudct linking service is a gift from us to you. We never process any cannabis related transactions on weedable or weedable store. All sales are completed at the dispensary, delivery service, or other authroized retailers discretion.

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Find what plan works for your business. We offer packages that work for any size dispensary or delivery. We allow retailers to add 3 products for free, and then plans start at $29.99/month for 100 products. For businesses that offer many products, we do have an unlimited package that is only available under annual billing. Learn more.

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Connect, approve, and get products to your retailers on weedable store all from one easy to use platform.

Retail location management coming soon…

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